Most people want WiFi service in Dubai parks

Sajila Saseendran – Senior Reporter

Dubai — Majority of Khaleej Times readers who took part in a poll on Thursday voted in favour of free WiFi service in Dubai’s parks and many called for free wireless connection in all the parks and other facilities in the emirate.

KT also received scores of comments on our facebook page strongly opposing the facility that may detract park visitors from the primary purposes of visiting the parks — for leisure, enjoyment of nature and quality time with family and friends.

Khaleej Times ran the poll on “Do we need WiFi in all the parks in Dubai” after the Dubai Municipality on Wednesday announced the launch of the Smart Palm project that has installed community tech hub in the shape of palm tree to offer park visitors free WiFi service along with charging points for smart gadgets.

As many as 56.7 per cent of readers who voted till 3pm on Thursday went for “Yes, it’s important to have WiFi in all the parks” as against 39.2 per cent who voted for the second option “I’d rather prefer not to have WiFi in parks and talk to people instead.” As little as 3.56 per cent of readers voted for “I think we need WiFi in only a few parks in Dubai, not all of them” while a negligible 0.22 per cent voted for

“I do not have a smartphone. So this doesn’t affect me.”On our facebook page, those who supported the free wireless connection offer said the service needs to be expanded to all the parks and other facilities like airports and also labour camps.

Jose Artemio Policarpio III posted “I have my own mobile data but Dubai is host for millions of tourist yearly, and it is just one gift we can give them, to access the internet and share the world what a wonderful life we are having here in Dubai.”

However, a large number of facebook comments also poured in strongly opposing the service fearing that the use of smartphones will simply kill the purpose of visiting parks.

Javeria Khalil posted: “There should b no Wifi in any park ... y take unhealthy thing to a healthy place.” (sic)

Noor Qureshi wrote: “If you’re thinking that wifi will bring people to the park, you’re so wrong! U can imagine people using their fons everywhere then. How rude scene it wud be!!” (sic) Preshit Kulkarni suggested: “Instead of wifi have a computer room for emergency internet access. No wifi only lan” (sic)

Source: Khaleej Times

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